Non-Defacing, Affordable String Benders For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Select Bridge/Tailpiece Type
Select Bridge/Tailpiece Type

Acoustic String-thru

Comes with a thick string plate for straight back bridges and thinner flexible string plate for curved backed bridges

$179.95 plus S&H


Peg Hole*

$149.95 plus S&H

​*NOTE: There are some acoustic peg hole bridges where the wood is thicker/taller in the back than in the front and this bender will not work. There is a custom model that will work. See bottom of this page for picture and details.

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​by Bender Virtuoso

Kevin Lamb

If you have an acoustic with an unusual tailpiece, chances are I can fit you with a custom adapter. Here's a custom job that is available for acoustics with a high back on the bridge plate.​ Fill out the  CONTACT FORM to inquire about placing a  Custom Order.  It's easy as pie.