The Bowden Bender for Bigsby has arrived!

Acclaimed guitarist Rick Vito, a friend and customer since the mid 1970s, recently challenged me to make a bender for his signature Reverend guitar equipped with a Bigsby Tremolo Tailpiece. I have met the challenge. It mounts instantly and the Bigsby Tremolo remains functional with the bender installed. (Patent Pending - Jan. 2017)

You can order this now if you have the Bigsby B-5 model (see picture below) as well as the

B-7, B-50, B-70, B-500 & B-700 models that use this same Bigsby base front bolt pattern. The price is $229.95 for the basic bender and adapter. Use the PayPal Add to Cart button dropdown menus to select Finishes and String Placement or send a note with your order.

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Fits these 6 Bigsby Models!

Reverend "Rick Vito" Signature model

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