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Hi Richard:

Just want you to know I could not be happier with the bender I received. I have been playing bender guitar for about 40 years and I am very happy with your creation. I am sure I will be contacting you again in the future to purchase additional benders for other guitars. It is a pleasure dealing with such a fine gentleman. Regards,

Sal Califano - Cold Spring - New York



Just received the bender today, threw it on without issue, and it's been an absolute blast already!
Thank you so much - your customer service appears above and beyond and i'm confident i'll have no issues and will enjoy this for quite some time. Already considering an acoustic bender or at least purchasing a few more as Christmas gifts. 

Kevin O'Connell - Nevada
I returned from my California trip on Friday and found a box with my Bowden B-Bender when I picked up my mail at the post office. I had initially opted for a Bowden B-Bender for my main dreadnought with the peg type bridge but decided against that as I do some bluegrass gigs and those guys are kinda antiquated and not really into anything "different", eh?.... Anyway, I installed the bender today and I'll have to say that Richard Bowden's a freakin' genius. This bender needs absolutely no modifications to the guitar at all or any holes drilled or anything. You just hold it behind your bridge and thread in the high and low E strings to hold it into place. I did the B string next and settled it in before I added the other strings. The tension of the high and low E strings along with the G, D and A strings hold the bender firmly in place. I've played it at least an hour today and it holds perfect tune and works very easily.... Here's some shots of the device on my Ovation..... I love it....JH in Va.


J. Smith writes,Hey Richard,I just installed my bender I got from you on Ebay, and I just had to tell you what a perfect design it is. A true thing of beauty, and the best part is that in my opinion it works even better than the more traditional benders I have. A much faster response not having to shove the neck around to engage the mechanism. It is also great for us players that happen to like Gibsons to be able to play bender licks on our beloved Firebirds, 335's and Lesters! Many thanks, Richard. I am sure I will be buying a couple more of these. Great bender. If you play a Gibson but like Bakersfield twang, you need one."J."
moinsular writes, "great seller!fast shipped,detailed product instruction&quality,recomend hyly."-
P. Green writes, "Great seller and great product! Works perfect on my peavey impact!"
Wow!! The quality and workmanship you put into your product are superb!It was easy to install,easy to adjust and most of all easy to use!   I didn't sound very good at first,but within minutes of getting it adjusted,I was doing cool pedal steel licks that will fit in with most of the songs I play,which are classic an contemporary country.Richard,your bender is worth every penny I paid for it,Thank you so much for taking the time to invent it and make it available to your fellow guitar players,and also I want to say thank you for the personal touch you used when you responded to my emails it shows what a quality person you are.I will treasure my Bowden b bender,and It's been my pleasure to have done business with you.                                              
​Thank you so much......Jon Elam
So, I recently bought a Bowden B Bender.  I've been playing steel guitar and bender guitars for many years, at least 20, been using a hip shot for as long as I can remember on my Tele. I don't like the Parsons-type bender because it kills my shoulder.  The Bowden Bender has been awesome; very organic, easy to use, and built impeccably.  I have finally been able toget a bender that works on my Gibson SG so now I got the best of both worlds. I highly recommend Richard’s bender!   It’s a small price to pay for such a great tool in my box. You won't regret it!

Howard Schwartz - Encino, CA  
Thanks Richard. I must say this is the best customer service I have ever had!  Thanks again for your help and I will let you know how things are going once I get it installed.

Ralph Fritz - Colorado Springs, CO 
​Hi Richard,I have been getting so much mileage from your b bender. I recently did a cover of Nick Drake's "From The Morning" and used the bender on it to get some great pedal steel sounds! I figured out the problem with why the strings kept breaking. I wasn't properly lubricating the string slot on the bridge and so the string slowly began to catch and thin out. I solved the problem by using graphite shavings from a number 2 pencil, and it works flawlessly now. I am really craving a pedal steel now that I know the sonic possibilities of string bending. It is truly a gift, your bender. Thank you again!
Take care, and I'll be sure to let you know if I want to order a G bender,



Richard: YOU ARE THA MAN !!! I remember you from the days when you and Sandy Pinkard were playing on Ralph Emery’s show. Greenbrier, Arkansas is just about 40 miles North of Little Rock and is generally known as the first speed trap North of Little Rock on your way to Branson. So, if you come thru here, look me up, but please slow down.  But if you do get your picture taken, I retired after 30 years on the police force in Conway, (10 miles South) and the Greenbrier Chief is a really good friend of mine…and he still owes me a couple of favors. OMG, I just got my bender today and already have it installed and there ain’t no polaroid gonna capture how big this smile is on my face. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product. I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years and I have never seen such a simple,  yet effective product. I’ve been playing a Tele with a bender for about the last 10-15 years and have several different types, but I find more and more that I want to play my acoustic. Not to mention that there are some places that (even today) just don’t accept electric guitars (bluegrass, and folk festivals, etc.) and I don’t like limiting myself. And I love to turn heads with the bender. I’ll never forget the first time I used one on stage. We were playing some classic country songs and I was “slingin’ some twang”. I had a guy come up during intermission and ask me how I was getting those pedal-steel sounds. I had a B&W (out of Springfield, Missouri) installed, and what I like about their benders are that there is virtually NOTHING showing on the guitar to indicate it has a bender. I  was really being discreet with the bends, using my shoulder to absorb most of the bends, so the pushing down on the neck wasn’t so noticeable. He asked to see my guitar and when he didn’t see any “gadgets” installed on it, he accused me of having a steel player hidden off-stage behind a curtain. So I did a few licks just to convince him that it, indeed was me. Now I get to try a few of them out at the next bluegrass-folk thing I play. Who knows, your business may be picking up real soon…. I’ll sure tell them about your product when asked. Be talkin’ to ya soon. 

Benny Battles

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