You will receive the hex key Allen wrenches necessary for mounting and maintaining your bender set up. 

FOR DOUBLE BENDERS: Use the enclosed large stubby 9/64” Allen wrench to adjust the swivel tips of your handles. Tighten the socket screws snugly until you can barely move the swivel tip in a clockwise direction (looking down from the top of the bender), then tighten the Acorn Nut under the handle to lock everything in place. The Acorn Nut requires a 5/16” or an adjustable (Crescent) wrench. If the Acorn Nut causes a Bender to bottom out, you can replace it with the enclosed 8-32 nut which uses an 11/32” wrench. Pliers can also be used to tighten the nut beneath the handle, but they might mar the nut. Double benders come with a ¼” spacer and a ½” spacer to raise or lower one or both handle tips. To lower the handles you will need to reverse the socket screw so that the Acorn nut will be on the top side of the swivel handle. Additional screws are included to accommodate or remove the spacers.

A new feature has been added to the Bowden Bender Double set up units. Because G benders use a heavier string requiring harder down pressure on the bender handle, especially when swiveled out to the side, it can cause the handle assembly to slightly twist on the Pivot Pin (in the Chevron Joint), causing the bender to not return all the way to pitch. A Stabilizer Screw has been added to the side of the Handle Assemblies to prevent the twisting. When the handle is fully seated in the Chevron Joint, the Stabilizer Screw can then be tightened down tightly. CAUTION: Only use hand pressure to tighten to avoid stripping the threads in the bender handle. If the Bender needs to be laid over for putting the instrument in its case, tune the string down a few notes and loosen the Stabilizer just enough to pull the Handle Assembly back out of the Chevron Joint and lay it over. A .012-.014 gauge is recommended for the B. A .016 thru .018 gauge plain (unwound) string on the G is recommended, the lighter the better. Wound strings will saw a slot in your bridge. Thanks and enjoy your Bowden Bender.

These instructions apply to a single bender that is ordered with a swivel handle ... but you only have to do it once!









Non-Defacing, Affordable String Benders For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Double Benders

All models can be ordered as double benders. Simply add $125.00 to the price of the bender you've already added to your cart by clicking the "Order Double" button below. All double benders come with swivel adjustable handles like the ones pictured here! As the saying goes,

​"Make mine a Double!" 

and get the second bender for only $125.00

Double Tele Ashtray 3 Saddle model shown here

Here are examples of how the benders lay over.

Watch a 42 second demo of the original Double Tele 3 barrel saddle 'Ashtray' Bender. Click Here!