Do you like romantic, often steamy novels and thought provoking, insightful poetry?  Check out the works of my life partner

Holly Joy Bowden.

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A writer of poetry since childhood, Holly now has three small volumes of poems published and available at, along with the first of three novels she has written and another in progress. Her poetry has been acclaimed by many including scholars in her field. And if you don't like her novel ... well, I can't image that!

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Holly Joy at a book fair

in Ben Wheeler, Texas 2012

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Holly Joy Bowden

-- News Flash --

Holly was a Featured Author in January 2015 at the Pulpwood Queen's Book Club's annual Girlfriend's Weekend to be held in Nacogdoches, TX. She is being featured for her "Mrs. Hyde" book of poetry. Holly's most recent publication is a Children's bedtime storybook in which our 7 year old granddaughter did all the artwork. It's called Zillas and Princesses!