Lap Steel or Dobro  

Most players typically want a double on the lap steels or resonator guitars to achieve a full chord change.

$179.95 plus S&H

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Dobro Bender is temporarily out of production. Read more below ...

Regarding the Dobro Bender

Watch very short YouTube Demo

​by Richard Bowden

"who ain't no Dobro player"

There have been a couple of working prototypes for the Dobro.  However, they each had their problems ... enough that I did not wish to sell them to my good customers until I had all the bugs out. The good news is, as of May 2018, I have a new design that I'm confident will get the job done without any problems. I hope to have a working prototype soon. Check back often.  The new design will attach by the back strap button screw and it will not depend on the sturdiness of the Dobro tailpiece. Below is a video of one that did work, but it was attached to the Dobro tailpiece, which was the problem. If the new design works as planned, it will be available in a single, double and possibly even a triple bender set up!

There are almost as many different tailpiece/bridge setups on Lap Steels as there are Lap Steels. Therefore, before you order a Lap Steel, you must send me a closeup picture of your tailpiece/bridge configuration. Some use tailpieces that are similar to standard guitar tailpieces like the one pictured above. In cases like this, one of my standard models will work. When I see the picture of your instrument's setup, I can tell you which bender to order or I can make a custom piece to fit yours. Either way click here to go to the Contact form and attach a picture of your instrument (or the one you intend to purchase if you're just thinking about getting one). I can also make custom handle tips like the ones to the right for an additional fee. They are 4 inches long. Standard handle tips are 2 Inches long. 

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