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Check out the new, fully machined handle assembly. The swivel handle tip is an add-on found on the Accessories page listed under the Model's link in the main menu at the top of each page.

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Tele owners take note:

Here is the Stopbar Tailpiece model equipped with the Swivel Handle.

Check out the newest designs to fit all the different Telecaster tailpieces

Here is the new basic handle assembly


Something New! Add a Quick-Change Half-Stepper to your Bender!

In March of 2015 Bowden Benders perfected an attachment to quick-change the bender's tuning from a whole step to a half step with the flip of an adjustable screw lever. It is an additional $25.00 to add it to your bender. It is especially advantageous to have it with a double set-up, as it opens up two different ranges of bender licks. If you use just one Half-Stepper on a double set-up, we recommend having it on the G string. However, a Half-Stepper on both benders expands the range to an even new level.‚Äč  

                              Go to Accessories for complete details.                                                       

June, 2015 ... This just in ...

If you are interested in the strap activated style bender, check out my friend 

Gene Parsons' website at String Bender dot com.

Also check out my buddy Forest Lee, Jr.'s Custom Guitar site. Great guitars and benders.

The Best News Lately

This may be the sweetest Bowden Bender to date ... and it's for a Stratocaster as well as a modern Telecaster with the hard-tail-type tailpiece. Since my friend, Erin Killingsworth, showed me a few tricks on my dad's old lathe, I've discovered that I can drill a hole lengthwise through the bridge saddle adjustment screw and feed the string through it and over the bridge saddle. The screw is then lined with tiny Teflon tubing. It is amazing how well it works! The bender then straddles the spring and screw and the tailpiece lip and is held in place by the two rear mounting screws against the tailpiece lip. Nothing touches the face of the guitar. It will work on any guitar that uses the type of bridge saddles in these pictures.

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Still in the News

After a couple of years of brain-wracking, I've finally come up with a bender design for the old Telecaster Ashtray 3 & 6 saddle model which also fits those crazy bridges with the offset saddle screws. It's called the TELE14 and has been added to the Models page.