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Hear the bender used in a rock solo in

Pinkard & Bowden's "Guns Made America Great" YouTube Video Collage

Non-Defacing, Affordable String Benders For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

The original Bowden B Bender for the Gibson-style Stop Bar tailpiece, once poorly manufactured and marketed by one of the world's top guitar manufacturers has been re-designed to increase the ease of mounting the bender to the Stop Bar. The TOP SCREW has been repositioned and added to the ONE-PIECE MOUNTING ADAPTER, which was originally a two-piece adapter that required a rubber pad to take up the space between the top of the tailpiece and the jaws of the bender. The split jaw aided in putting the rubber pad in place, but the split took away from the sturdiness of the adapter.

The new design incorporates a tiny rubber pad under the TOP SCREW between it and the VELCRO PAD in the jaw of the Bender. This upgrade greatly simplifies the mounting process and considerably increases the sturdiness and stabilization of the MOUNTING ADAPTER to the Stop Bar. 

Stop Bar 2018 

$159.95 plus S&H‚Äč