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If you ordered a Double bender for the Tele14 Ashtray 3 Saddle model Click here.

      A    or   B

With the "offset" model you will receive

a modified bridge saddle like one of these. Please specify A or B in the PayPal "notes to seller" section when ordering

This is the Tele Hartail Plate 6 Barrel saddles

NOTE: There are various versions of Telecaster tailpieces that use the Hardtail plate (with only a lip on the back), and rather than using the Barrel Saddles, they use the rectangular Saddles as in the STRAT14 Quick Mount for Modern Tele Hardtail below. Then there are various styles of the rectangular Saddle pieces themselves. It does not matter what style your rectangular Saddles are as long as the Saddle Adjustment screw is centered in the Saddle. The STRAT14 Quick Mount for Modern Tele Hardtail is the one to order. Click here to go to the STRAT14 ordering area to see a couple of examples of the different Hardtail saddle styles. If the Saddle adjustment screws are not in the center of the saddles on your guitar, then you need to choose the TELE14 for Offset model above. 

(Click on a picture to read the descriptions and see larger versions)

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Select Your Tailpiece Type

Check out the newest designs to fit all the different Telecaster tailpieces

This bender can be used on Telecasters with tailpieces and saddles like the ones shown below. There are yet other types of saddles as well on this type of flat plate with the lip on the back. For a complete description of the Strat for Tele Hardtail tailpieces Click here .

For Tele Hardtail tailpieces with Offset Saddle Intonation adjustment screws

This is what the Astray 3 Saddle looks like mounted

‚ÄčSTRAT14 Quick Mount for Hardtail Tele Tailpieces

A          B

  Offset Saddle Screws

Also fits STRAT with OFFSET saddle screws. Make selection above the Add to Cart button


For Ashtray 3 or 6 barrel saddles and Hardtails, even the ones with offset saddle screws. Each version allows you to retain the ability to set your intonation. Click the dropdown menu above the add to cart button to see all versions.

$195.95 plus S&H

This is the Astray 6 Barrel Saddles