Non-Defacing, Affordable String Benders For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

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Custom Orders

To learn how to add swivel, adjustable handles to your single bender or to add the new Half-stepper attachment to your bender

NOTE: There are various versions of Telecaster tailpieces that use the Hardtail plate (with only a lip on the back), and rather than using the Barrel Saddles, they use the rectangular Saddles as in the STRAT14 Quick Mount for Modern Tele Hardtail below. Then there are various styles of the rectangular Saddle pieces themselves. It does not matter what style your rectangular Saddles are as long as the Saddle Adjustment screw is centered in the Saddle the STRAT14 Quick Mount for Modern Tele Hardtail is the one to order. Scroll down below the STRAT14 ordering area to see a couple of examples of the different Hardtail saddle styles. If the Saddle adjustment screws are not in the center of the saddles on your guitar, then you need to choose the TELE14 for Offset model above. 

As of Jan. 2017 - Bigsby B5 (or any model using the B5 base) Bender does not disengage Bigsby Tremolo - Use the Contact link in the main menu to get details on pricing and ordering this custom piece.

Give me the

Highly Polished Chrome-like Finish!

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This is the Astray 6 Barrel Saddle

Click on any picture in the gallery and scroll through all the pictures with captions.

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This is the Tele Hartail Plate 6 Barrel saddles

Here's a custom job that is available for acoustics with a high back on the bridge plate.

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If you just have to have yours NOW, you may move your order to the top of the list by adding a $100.00 RUSH ORDER FEE and we will ship on the third day after we receive the fee through PayPal. You may add the fee to your initial order or you may  upgrade your existing order. Use this Add to Cart button to do either.

To learn how to mount the Bowden Benders to your guitar (if you don't see your model, then instructions will come with your order).

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This is what the Astray 3 Saddle looks like mounted

​*NOTE: There are some acoustic peg hole bridges where the wood is thicker/taller in the back than in the front and this bender will not work. There is a custom model that will work. See bottom of Home Page for picture and details.


Hear the bender used in a rock solo in

Pinkard & Bowden's "Guns Made America Great" YouTube Video Collage

Custom Benders can be made if the models listed above do not fit your guitar. Contact the Inventor for details.

Also fits Strat with offset saddle screws

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STRAT14 Quick Mount  $189.95 plus S&H

STRAT14 Quick Mount (or Modern Tele Hardtail)

Completed in June 2014 it's the easiest installation yet. The STRAT14 comes with a hollow-bore saddle adjustment screw (and a spare) that allows you to use your own bridge saddle and retain the ability to set your intonation. The Mounting Adapter then straddles the tailpiece lip and the spring and screw and is held in place by tightening the two rear Mounting Screws against the tailpiece lip.  Nothing ever touches the face of the guitar. It installs in less than a minute after you've swapped  out your saddle adjustment screw.  This bender also fits the Modern Tele with a hard-tail plate similar to the Strat (see bottom picture). If your tailpiece has bridge saddles like the ones pictured here, this is the bender for you!  It is also available as a Double Bender.


Watch very short YouTube Demo

​by Richard Bowden

"who ain't no Dobro player"

G&L ASAT Tribute

$159.95 plus S&H

 A       B

With the "offset" model you will receive

a modified bridge saddle like one of these. Please specify A or B in the PayPal "notes to seller" section when ordering

Watch YouTube Demo

​by Bender Virtuoso

Kevin Lamb

Select Bridge/Tailpiece Type

Offset Saddle Screws


Most players typically want a double on the resonator guitars

$179.95 plus S&H

Electric 5 String Banjo

$179.95 plus S&H

Acoustic String-thru

Comes with a thick string plate for straight back bridges and thinner flexible string plate for curved backed bridges

$179.95 plus S&H

Ibanez Artcore Trapeze

$197.95 plus S&H


For Ashtray 3 or 6 barrel saddles and Hardtails, even the ones with offset saddle screws. Each version allows you to retain the ability to set your intonation. Click the dropdown menu below to see all versions.

$195.95 plus S&H


Peg Hole*

$129.95 plus S&H

Stop Bar Tailpiece

$124.95 plus S&H

The Models


Browse through the models to see which bender will fit your guitar. If you are unsure, use the CONTACT  link to send us a closeup photo of your tailpiece/bridge This is the sure-fire way for us to determine which exact model you will need.

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There is a Gallery for each model on the Photos page . It takes a few moments to load ...