Non-Defacing, Affordable String Benders For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

"No need to put your guitar under the knife"

The home of the original non-defacing string bender, Bowden B Benders is a custom shop and many of the parts are hand-machined on an 'as needed' basis. Unlike some of the bender devices in mass production, delivery time may be longer than a couple of days and may take as much as a couple of weeks, depending on the availabilty of the parts and/or the time it takes to hand-machine them. Use the Contact form to inquire about the approximate delivery time for your type of bender. Thanks ~ Richard Bowden


In this Internet Age of "I want it now" & "SAME DAY DELIVERY" there are still a few old-fashioned businesses who, rather than delivering speed, deliver quality craftsmanship, personal service and tech support, in this  case, by the company owner and inventor of the product you are purchasing. Please enjoy browsing the site and feel free to contact us with any and all questions.

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